I love my technology.  In fact, I might be a bit obsessed with it I guess. I am always reading and ready to buy the latest and greatest tech. Fortunately, I do not do that because I would be broke if I did.

I’ve had a SmartPhone for a long time. My gadget loving days started back with my first Palm Pilot and then a Handspring device and then an iPaq. I’ve had different BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile Devices.

Seeing that we are a Verizon Family and getting and iPhone wasn’t an option, I had a Droid X. I really liked the phone and it did everything that I wanted it to do. Once the iPhone 5 came out and my contract was up, I made the switch. I might go back to Android Devices someday, but I am pretty happy with my iPhone right now. Plus, it fits nicely with some of the other tech I have.

I love my iPad. I generally don’t get on my PC or laptop unless I need to do some programming (that is work) or some heavy duty processing of some sort – photos, videos. Email, Social Media, Web Browsing, etc. almost always happens from my iPad. In fact, my interaction with my Training & other fitness tools happens from my iPad (or iPhone).

It’s also a great tool for my daughter. If she wants to use it for games or entertainment or fun, she has to spend an equal amount of time using it for some learning activity.

Apple TV
I haven’t cut the cord completely, but I do love my Apple TV. Netflix, iTunes movies and music, Airplay – it’s all right there for me and I love it.

I just wish sports were more accessible on it. With the unfortunate Blackout rules and regulations for local teams, I am not sure I will ever be able to completely cut things off.

Garmin Forerunner 610
For my running this is perhaps the best gadget I purchased. It (though I suppose any GPS watch would have done it) really has helped me improve as a runner. Plus, with the foot-pod  heart rate monitor, wireless syncing and everything else, my training and fitness level has really improved since I purchased this watch last fall.

Pebble Smartwatch
Yes. I broke down and got myself a Pebble Smartwatch. So far the experience has been great.  It is much more convenient to look at the score, weather, who’s calling, or who the message is from by looking at my wrist rather than pulling out my phone.  Obviously, if I need to act on that alert, I need to pull my phone out, but to not have to do that is great. I am really looking forward to the Pebble App Store to see what it has in store.

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