My Running Stuff

For most of my runs and my training I wear Mizuno Wave Creations. Right now (January 2014) I am rotating between a couple of pairs of Creation 14s with one of them about to be retired. Since that’s the case, I have ordered a pair of the Wave Creation 15s that should be arriving shortly.

For some workouts – depending on what is being called for – and for all races, I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. I feel in live with the the first time I put them on. Unfortunately, I just don’t think my feet would hold up wearing these every single day.

I also have some Orange Super Feet inserts that I wear as well. I do have a couple pair them that get rotation to keep my feet feeling good.

I don’t/can’t/… run with a phone or iPod touch. It’s just too bothersome to have that wrapped around my arm or hanging from my waist, especially if I am wearing water bottles. I do have an iPod Shuffle though because sometimes you have to run with some music.

For listening to my music, I have a pair of Yurbuds inspire duros. They never fall out of my ears, and I feel like I can hear the music and what’s going on around me.

For my watch, I have a Garmin 610. Getting a GPS watch was the best running investment I made. Before the GPS watch, I was only guessing at how fast I was going, and apparently my guessing/feel wasn’t very good. No matter how fast or slow I ran, it was always the same pace. The watch fixed that problem, and now I even do a much better job of running by feel.

Because I have a Garmin, I sync all of my runs to Garmin Connect. The one thing I need to do a better job of on the Garmin site is adding some notes or comments about my runs.

I also sync all of the runs and events from the Garmin site over to the Dailymile. Like the Garmin site, I probably don’t take advantage of everything I could at the Dailymile. That said, if the data wasn’t there to begin with, then I wouldn’t have a chance to try to get it updated and filled in someday.

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