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Illinois Marathon Training – Weeks 1-4

After taking about 5 weeks of easy recovery after the marathon and then a couple of additional weeks to begin building back up again, it as to start thinking about the Illinois Marathon and the training required for it. For Naperville, I had been using the Nike Training Plan provided by the Naperville Running Company. (By the way, NRC won the award for the Best Running Store in the US last year. I recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.)

I did modify the plan that had been provided a bit though. I added in various workouts – 3/1 runs, pace runs, a bit of speed work – in hopes that I would be better prepared for 26.2 miles. All in all I thought the training went well, but this time I decided to change things up. I am using the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 Plan. I felt like I had some success using his plans when I started “seriously” running again, so I was like – what the heck…

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