Illinois Marathon Training – Week 7

Illinois Marathon Week 7

Illinois Marathon Week 7

Unfortunately, this week did not quite go as planned.  Had a little Treadmill mishap that lead to some stiffness in the hamstring, but overall, I am pleased that I am feeling better. Plus, we are still moving forward.

Bike – As usual, Monday is cross-training/biking.  I did a 60 minute ride on the trainer.  It was great, and I felt really good.  Best of all, I started catching up on some more of The Walking Dead.

4 Miles – On Tuesday, I had planned a progressive tempo run up to 5K pace for about a half mile and then take it back down. All was going well in getting to 5K pace, and I was about to start winding it down. Unfortunately, this is when my treadmill lost power & I came to a screeching halt.  I got the power turned back on and was able to finish my workout. This is when I got more bad news. My hamstring started feeling a bit stiff, and I assumed it happened when the treadmill came to the immediate stop.  

0 Miles – Because my hamstring was still feeling a bit stiff after trying to slowly get going, I decided to take the day off, so my 8 miles turned into 0.  

0 Miles – As with Wednesday, I took another day off in order to get the hamstring rested.  my easy 4 turned into 0.

Rest – My regular rest day.  

8 Miles – This was supposed to be 8 Miles at pace, but the weather didn’t really cooperate with me, and my hamstring started feeling a little stiff when I started to pick up the pace. With those two factors in play, I decided to take it a little easier.  I really didn’t want to lose the marathon so early in the training.

16 Miles – I decided to play this one by ear. Since my hamstring was bothering, I didn’t know if I was going to run the full 16. It was all going to depend on how it felt as I was going. Fortunately, with the way the winter has been, I wasn’t going to get too far from my house (too many routes too inaccessible with too much snow), so if things went south, I would be able to get back home pretty easily. Fortunately, I felt great.  I was able to get through the entire 16 miles without any problem and at the pace that I wanted to do it in. The only real issue was that it started getting pretty darn cold at the end of the run.  Oh well, it was a great run and my longest since the marathon last fall. 

Week 7 was pretty tough. I didn’t get all the miles or workouts in that I wanted to, but what are you going to do.  The good news is that felt like I ran a very smart week. I didn’t push things and didn’t add extra miles and didn’t run too fast.  I felt good after Sunday, so bring on Week 8!

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