Illinois Marathon Training – Week 5

Illinois Marathon Week 5

Illinois Marathon Week 5

Week 5 of Training for the Illinois Marathon went about as expected.

Bike – I did an easy 6 miles on the indoor trainer in about 30 minutes. Not too fast. Not too slow. Just comfortable.

7 miles – I moved my midweek “long” run to Tuesday this week because of the Half Marathon on Saturday.  It was on the treadmill, and it went well.

3 miles – Did a 3 Mile Tempo run on Wednesday. My legs felt really fresh, so I pushed the pace just a bit more than I usually might.

Rest – I decided to take an extra rest day on Thursday due to running the F^3 Lake Half Marathon on Saturday.

Rest – This is the normal rest day for the week, so it was just fine. Even went a played Bingo at my daughter’s school, which was a lot of fun.

F^3 Lake Half Marathon – You can read more about this here, but wow, that was an interesting one.

6 miles – This one actually felt easy. It was much easier than the run on Saturday, but when isn’t a recovery run easy?  It was a bit windy, but the roads near the house were nice and clear when I went out. Plus, the temperature had made it’s way to the upper 20s.  It was a great day for an easy run.

Looking forward to Week #6.

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