2014 Goals

Goals, goals, goals. Where to begin… Writing these down always makes them real. Right? It always makes me a little nervous writing them down because what happens if you don’t reach them? Did you fail?

Some of these might make sense to some. Some might not to others. Who knows, but here they are along with why I have set them this way. Anyway here goes nothing.

  • 5K – 20:58 (6:44/mile)
  • 10K – 43:33 (7:00/mile)
  • Half Marathon – 1:40 (7:37/mile)
  • Marathon – 3:45 (8:34/mile)

For the 5K, I really thought I was dialing into that last year. After my 5K in Naperville and the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in Chicago, averaging 6:45 seemed like it was well within reach. Unfortunately my calf issues started shortly after the 8K in April, and this meant I couldn’t get it done last year. I would really like to run faster, but this seems like a great place to start, so I guess we will see come this Spring.

The 10K might be the toughest one to get because I am not sure if I will run one of these this year. Like my 5K/8K last year and the fitness level I felt I was getting to, running achieving this time seemed like a no brainer. I probably will need to sign up for one at some point to see what I can do.

Although my Half Marathon time might seem a bit aggressive (or maybe not, who knows…), I feel really good about this one.  I have only run one Half Marathon before, and it was about a year ago at the Chicago Polar Dash. I was cruising along for the first 9 miles at what seemed to be a very comfortable 7:45 pace. Unfortunately, from mile 9 to mile 10, things went south.  It could have been the 4 Guinness’ the night before (along with the Blue Moons and the wine during dinner). It could have been that I wasn’t mentally ready for a Half Marathon since I wasn’t actually training for one.  I never figured it out, but those last 4+ miles were a bit of a struggle.  I am feeling really good about it this year though.

Lastly, I guess it is the Marathon goal.  Yes, it is indeed a 45 minute improvement over my initial effort last year, but I feel very confident about this one. Perhaps more confident than the rest of them.  I just broke down mentally in the first one. I psyched myself out of it the day before and the morning of the race. Then, when I got to mile 8, the previous 18 weeks of training just went out the window.  I believe that with one under my belt, things will be all good this time around, and I will crush it.

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